Marketing Cannabis Brands

If Corona and Molson and Juul have age restrictions to block anyone under 21 from viewing their Instagram account. Why dont large cannabis brands?

To me, beer, nicotine and cannabis fall under the same 21+ category.

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Doesn’t insta still block and ban cannabis pages randomly? It’s probably bc its against their terms and conditions. They’re not going to ask your age if it’s not even allowed in the first place.


Yeah, I kinda thought the same thing. Maybe they don’t want to draw the attention of the algo gods.

But then again, if they get too big, cant they get fined from the FTC?

Well to my state the cannabis category is 18+ with a medical card.

Why don’t large cannabis brands restrict access? is because they do not need to and are unwilling to narrow audience.

Any brand solely relying on IG for marketing already is way behind.

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Yeah, I agree you need a lot more than Instagram to market a company.

But I kinda feel like they should. Why waste money by making content that is shown to people who cant just walk into a dispensary and buy your products?

But also it could be a quirk of the industry. Like cannabis companies that allow their employees to open multiple Instagram accounts for the company. Instead of focusing on one unified brand account.

Marketing requires an entire marketing mix strategy rather than relying on traffic from a single platform.
These social media platforms don’t want to part with cannabis traffic, but they need to be “socially responsible” and that’s why they have so many restrictions.