Market Rate For CBD Distillate?

From shopping around and getting prices from multiple CBD distillate vendors, I had come to believe the market rate for CBD distillate was around 10-13k, with bottom shelf cloudy stuff being around 10k per single kilo and top of the line being in the 12-14k range. Then I came across this vendor’s pricing at 6k for 1-9 kilos…

Does anyone have any experience with this particular vendor? Are they just an example of one rogue vendor trying to undercut the market? Their pricing on everything else seems pretty consistent with the rest of the market. Given their size, could this be the beginning of yet another price drop across the entire industry?


I haven’t heard of them, but I pay $6k/kg for distillate in CO. It is usually around 80% CBD, so it should be similar to what that company is advertising.

The Price of CBD distillate depends on THC level.

It cost a lot to separate THC from the distillate.

Please check the oil is THC free or THC <0.3%.

I’ve tried reaching out to these guys in the past and got no response

I may be a complete dip s#&! But i asked em for test results for isolate . And they gave me something that said 103% …

That means their analytics labs has some problems with quality control

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Ive tried to get ahold of them to purchase a kilo for personal use, and never got a response. There prices are alot lower than everyone else i saw.

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Attached is the most recent price list I got from Blue Forest Farms out of CO. You can see their THC-free distillate can go as low as $6500/kg, but you’re going to need to purchase a lot and have a contract setup. I’d say these guys are BS’ing.

BFF Isolate & Distillate Pricelist.pdf (533.3 KB)


Yea, I remember speaking with those guys at Blue Forest a while back. Pretty sure that price is for something along the lines of a 25 acre contract. I’d like to know what the motive would be for putting in all the time and money to a website and everything to just be BSing?

Scam some people? I guess…? It’s the ‘weed’ game, everyone likes to talk. Maybe they had some supplier that promised them the world and they threw a website up with some products and then the supplier fell through and they didn’t take the site/product down?

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What are market prices for non-THCfree CBD distillate? It would be nice to supply people who just want to make isolate without being more vertically integrated, Oil-wise.

I think it depends upon geography and quantity but $6k is the average I see. I’m just toll processing distillate now but buyers come to me looking for product frequently.


That’s good info, thank you. We have a processing license in Arkansas and I prefer to know broad market value even when people are willing to over pay…because that shit never lasts.