Mantle will not get up to temp

Ok , so iam not sure if my thermo-probe is going out or if my mantle in general is crapping out. Its a 5l open source scientific mantle and it will not go up to temp. Its just seems to hit a certain point and then plateau, iam working in a very cold environment which has caused problems before but I have since brought heat into the room and completly wrap the system in foil with some insulation rope. I bought the mantle through oss and they told me it needs to run on 220 but comes with a 110 plug, so I have been running it on a regular 110 wall plug in. So that could be the issue as well. Honestly iam going to buy a better one either way, but would like to fix this for another setup so any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hmmm what does the label on the mantel say ? 110 or 220
But that is probably the isseu

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Its a 220 mantle, so it very well could be the issue. Wierd though cause its been working for a little while that way. But looking back it could of been why some runs were more of a pain in the ass than others.

Have a gun thermometer ?
Put her on full blast give time to heat up
Check temp of Any metal piece You put inside the mantel
Should be at around 450C

I dont think iT s lineair but half the volts half the heat would mean 225C at full blast on 110V Wich is yust about Where You would Distillate :grinning:

I do have a temp gun, and that makes sense, thank you. It seemed to have been working up till now but I was also having vac problems so i figured that’s why I had to get my temps higher than I wanted but now I know vacuum is not the issue this would make sense. Guess ill get a converter or wire in a 220 plug.

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This is a 220v unit with a 3 prong plug. Chage to correct plug for your 220v power and you will be running correct. I know because I had the same problem with a Chinese mantle

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That’s we put together too, thank you though, actually found a 220 cord with the usual 220 prongs on it off a a old ballast that will fit and now we are gonna wire a 220 plug for it in the wall

Does it have a wattage rating? Do you have access to a multimeter?

Here’s an Ohm’s law calculator, for instance if you input into the calculator 110 volts and 500 watts, the calculator tells you should read 24.2 ohms of resistance across the leads. With 220 volts and 500 watts you should read 96.8 ohms.

It’s definitely the voltage. I have made the same mistake before. Throw the 220V plug on it will work for sure.