Making thca derivatives in order to obtain pure thc


The idea is to make a derivative salt out of thca that can be crystallized easily to nearly pure then cleave the addition to make pure thca or thc
" In general the purity of this crude crystalline ester will be well over 90% pure. About 70 to 80% of the initially assayed cannabinoid can be obtained in the first crop of crystals. Purification of up to greater than 99% can typically be achieved by one recrystallization, preferable from an alcohol, with minimal
losses in yield. (All percentages given herein are weight percentages unless otherwise noted.) The resulting cannabinoid esters are highly crystalline and stable at room temperature. They can be stored indefinitely at room temperature under air. The cannabinoid esters can then be hydrolyzed to recover the pure cannabinoid by base hydrolysis "

y exactly they did this? cause science thats why

i know its not something thats gonna be done large scale anytime soon but its an interesting read

US20150038567A1.pdf (1.0 MB) (612.7 KB)


You can crash out a lot of thc-a from crude bho in a large 2l mason jar by lidding it when its thick.

The first half of this method would be good for a further purification step if you wanted to take an alternate route than diamond mining. It would really concentrate the starting material before the Base/Acid liquid/liquid extraction.

Im not sure what i would do with a Basic salt of a cannabinoid though, is this for water solubility, or ingestion?


yes that’s part of it but it also makes thc more stable and the salt is easy to recrystallize when it does it’s very pure then they hydrolyze back to neutral thc
" The resulting aryl sulfonic THC esters are highly crystalline and stable at room
temperature in air, allowing for indefinite storage. The aryl sulfonic THC esters can be recrystallized for purification, and then hydrolyzed to recover the purified THC."


Great stuff :grinning:


Choline chloride is the best “salt of” that I have found for this procedure


is this how u made that one picture that looks lik distillate with no color?


No, that was with chromatography. This method has the potential to be much cheaper, especially now that we are using the DES salt. But yields are low still


this side of the chemistry is incredibly fascinating to me. all the pro-drug, co-drug and novel cannabinoid design with extra pharmaphores. I even found a very in depth 40 page paper on connecting morphine to thc, thats when i was lik maybe thats too far lol


I’m a big fan of THCa -> decarb -> THC. This yields a product low on color and relatively free of pesticides. Carbon Chemistry will continue to source and supply materials for THCa salting.


What would be the best process to accomplish this Shadow?


“The best” would be a claim I wouldn’t make…but using propane to extract and crystallize THCa would be my route. Then a pentane wash and recrystallization for purity. After decarbing you would have a high purity THC distillate-like product.


I’d like to take some THC and CBD and start playing with the structure to see what happens.


I washed my diamonds w etoh and obtained clean crystals… Then I decarbed those, was really clear!

I was amazed at purity…worked great for vapes but lil pricey considering distalite prices


Its the easiest way to achieve pesticide free material, and color is always on point.


Its certainly both possible and cost effective.


I’ve been wanting to make bulk thca to just distill for a while now. I can keep crashing my mother liquor until I’m satisfied. I will always have a clean colorless product.