Making keif into Distillate

Hey guys,
So I have been looking at my numbers for this large contract and I am having a hard time producing enough crude since I don’t have a cls. I was wondering if I could get something like the pollinator ( a keif machine) and boil the keef in ethanol to avoid open blasting. I am aware of the bucket tech but this is old material and a very large contract.

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Yea you could but why boil in ethanol? Seems a little excessive.


Just soak it, no need to boil

2 Likes on Instagram makes custom tumblers in a freezer for pretty cheap. I use a pollenex 1500 myself.

Bucket Tek will have far greater yields though.


I have been boiling because when I let it soak, I have been having a ton of material leftover. When I boiled the leftover material, I increased my overall yield.

Do you have a panda machine?

Problem i ran into with this was the “extras” that come with the trichrome. Then the left overs after you have extracted the juice. I am still working on a solvent less method to go from keif to distillate.


I do not have a panda machine. I tried the ethanol extraction route a couple times with different material. Both 200 proof ethanol since my material had a small.amojnt of residual humidity. My yeild was terrible for the amount of effort involved.

I just did a kief wash. What a waste of my time, 30% kief, 70% plant matter. I got a whopping 200ml crude. I’m gladly gonna hand him the crude back (after my 30% cut) and be done with it.

I just did my normal cryo etoh wash, but only did a 10 min soak and stir. Filter thru bubble bags, into the panda, buchner filter with celite 545, rotovap.


Kief yields twrribly even when its “good” looking ive ran more than i care to admit. The hardest other tban yielding 13% or so from original weight is filtering out all the really fine particles so they dont burn once there in spd. I wont run kief any more ill have it smashed into rosin, kief is just to much work


Did you make some progress on this?

We have tried soaking in -70 c ethanol over night and it’s still not really worth the time or the trouble. Just my cents

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Treu a second cryo wash does strip of the last bits thou

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Kief tends to trap cannabinoids if you do cold ethanol soaks.
Do them at room temp, and rinse the kief with clean ethanol after the soak till it runs clear. Then run it through a CRC column.

Kief made with dry ice will still leave about 1-2% Cannabinoids in the biomass.

Also don’t buy The Resinator. TJ is an egotistical piece of shit. His system is a joke. Go with a Triminator with kief attachment.


Have you used the triminator for this purpose yet? If so care to share your experience? Have you seen there TRP stack? That thing is sexxxxyyyyyy

We run a GreenBroz 420 Alchemist with 3 interchangeable screen sizes. Highly recommend!

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Yes, I’ve ran the Resinator, Triminator and Greenbroz all side by side on the same material. All 3 systems leak kief especially when ran constantly. Triminator & Greenbroz leak was not bad, just do it on a tarp. Resinator was horrible, got kief all over the place.

The Triminator with kief barrel is the best. I used it with their normal trim bin so I can keep reloading the barrel and collect into the same bin till it’s maxed out. It’s the best for bulk kief process. Works great with dry ice. The top opens so you can brush the barrel while it’s running. So it doesn’t clog up the micron screen. Only thing I don’t like is if you overfill it, the material pushes the plastic door/cap off and pours Material everywhere. I resolved this by leaning an empty Material tote against the cap.
Company is nice, had a barrel issue after a week worth of constant runs & they resolved it immediately.

Greenbroz has a nice system, but is more for quality than quantity. It rotates the collection area with the rotation of the unit. Seems to yield less because of this. But it produces consistent product.

Resinator is an overpriced product that is probably actually made in China. Can only run half the load capacity it claims. Yields are super low. Micron screens clog super fast. It leaks Material into the kief collection area. It sprays kief EVERYWHERE.
Company refuses to stand behind warranty the second it’s used “Because it has cannabinoids on it”
The owner TJ will literally blame any issue on “Operator Error”
Regardless of how clearly the unit is defective

Haven’t seen the TRP stack.


This is the single greatest review I’ve read in weeks. Thank you so much for sharing. I have a client who wants to do a huge solvent less project next year and this info is gold. I already knew about the resonator, but hadn’t found the better alternative yet. Now I’m a single step further ahead. I would assume that you are pressing this kief. This is the trp it’s a 3 plate rosin press with a swivel. She ain’t cheap, but she fineeee . TRP Stack Commercial Rosin Press | Triminator


I don’t get it.

If I soak Cannabis flowers in ethanol, the trichomes dissolve in that said solvent.

But if I cut down the biomass first by collecting just the trichomes through ice water or dry sifting and then try to dissolve the trich heads in Ethanol it suddenly doesn’t work anymore???

It works, its just alot more work and solvent for way less yield and filtering