Making carts

So if Im doing 1 gram carts, what ratio do I use etc? Do I do .9ml of distillate and .1 of terp…? do I use less than .9 of distillate and use liquid cbd in there?? kinda lost

You can use 10% terpenes like you suggested
make 1 cart and test it for a week, If it passes try a run of 100. You want to dial your recipe/cart combo in before you attempt to make 1000’s.


I’m sure others have very good options but this what I use. I’ve toyed with probably 6 different formulas and 6 different cartridges.

My formula is

83% distilate

7% terpenes

10% MTC diluent

I use the liberty V9’s


I would suggest using 80%+ distillate and a 5-10% cut of terpenes. DO NOT use MCT, PG or any other cutting agents besides terpenes. If the solution is to thick to vape properly you need to get carts with bigger “vape holes”.


What do you use for cartridges?

I’d love to ditch the MCT, it’s just my only viable option atm.

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We were using YGreen carts with (4) 1.5 mm holes . They worked great with the concentration I listed however we are going to switch to C Cell carts soon .

There seem to be differing opinions on MCT oil:

Personally, I’m thinking about incorporating it into a cheaper line of vapes.


I thought and heard mtc is no good to vape?

I’ve always heard PG, mct veg glcy are all toxic to the body

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I think it’s more unknown than anything. Could it be bad?..definitely to an extent. Small amounts probably aren’t too bad but the science isn’t quite there yet. Loads of people have been using it in commercial products for quite some time now. I personally would rather not use it it but I have to keep my margins so that’s why I do it.

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i still havent seen any actual studies showing PG, VG, or MCT causing health issues when vaped… does any have any links to studies showing the health effects?


nah its bad. in 2011 I first started getting carts. the carts worked well but after 3 weeks u was hurtin. Ive done my own short term studies with many a carts. Im a dr as well. 25 yrs practicing.


i did my own study. My lungs hurt. I stopped and they got better. Months later did same test dif vape juice. same thing happened etc. 4 cycles of this. Not that Im a qualified test subject like monkeys and rats tho.


Thought Id post these measuring Glasses I found at local target. $2 each. I bought everyone they had when I found them. Much thicker but not too thick that it will still work with magnetic stir bar.

so none left in stock??

The other option. For example. Stop putting it in there. That’s the other viable option. Seriously. Not being mean or rude or anything. But, that shouldn’t be in there. Coconut oil is awesome, you’re not supposed to inhale the vapors, though. I promise you, there is someone far smarter than either one of us, that can prove it.


%10 isn’t a bad dilution. Many other cart manufacturers go up to 15%. At the 10%+ point it starts tasting too “synthetic” IMO. I make my carts at a 6%~ dilution with terpenes. If I’m using HTE that I made. I’ll bump it up to 17-20%.

at his local Target…

they don’t have a lid, so not ideal for running your distillate past TSA :wink:

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Agreed @Dred_pirate. We use 8-10% cannabis derived terps (depending on strain profile), and HTE at 15-20%. If we use HTE which still has some THCa in it, then we use 1% TEC to insure proper binding to eliminate any crystallization within the cartridge (shelf life). Food Grade TEC is an ester of citric acid, and is colorless, odorless

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