Make a CBD oil using CBD crude

I have a liter of CBD crude oil. I want to make a tolerable oil that my daughter can use for anxiety/pain. I’ve made tinctures using isolate and also distillate in the past with MCT oil with much success. However, she wanted a full-spectrum CBD oil. So I got a liter of CBD crude, winterized, decarbed. It’s 65%cbd, total cannabinoids 75%+, 3.5% THC. I don’t if I should just dilute it with a carrier. Or just have her take it like RSO, sub-lingual. Any input would help. thanks in advance

Maybe try it in capsules form?

Yeah I was thinking of that. That might be the best. Because I don’t think I could get it down. The smell is enough to make gag a bit. I mean is that something that people do. Using FECO?

Sublingually is going have a higher absorption/effciacy than oral → digestion.

Suspend it in a minimal amount of MCT or other carrier to help with taste.

Maybe you can make hard candies or gummies to help with the taste and smell?