Main body loss on second pass


Howdy y’all, gettin ready to do my first SPSD tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to all you guys freely sharing info!! Bought bvv 1 liter kit and a 500ml bf for my first run. Dont have endless material, so I am only gonna run 200g til I dial it in.

So my question is, how much %-wise would you say you lose from the main body during your second pass?

Thanks you!



8 to 10%
Mainly for the last puddle in the bf
Gooing till the last drop may “burn” your Distillate and often vapor pressure drops to far to push iT treu



Agree on what Rougelab said. Some lose is normal. You dont want to over cook your flask. Too much head will burn the sugar or wax or other small particle on your glass, and there is no way to clean it.
I suggest you get some back up glass if you like to really get the last of oil out. You can get some cheap glass on the eBay store I used to shop at: hydrion scientific instrument.



You realy love that store don t You :grinning:



Thank you for your input

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