Magsil filtering and winterizing ETOH hemp crude

Using a Delta CUP15 but even from bucket tek ive had different feedback. Do you guys evaporate off some of the ethanol to bring up the concentration of oil in your solution before winterizing and carbon scrubbing/silica scrubbing?

Whats been your best results with ETOH CBD crude? we have in the past carbon scrubbed and winterized material without bringing down the concentration and have decent results.

Going to lose our carbon scrub step for a Magsil step instead. If we also degum will we have any issues isomerizing CBD to D8?

any other suggestions for chemical processes to include into our filtration step? working on the liquid terpene removal essentially skipping the first fraction of the short path, but that all seems to be dedicated to prepping BHO or C02 material, not sure if using ETOH will fuck that up.