Mad Scientist's Barter Shop

Would aybody in here be willing to trade/barter seeds for xtracting gear?

Things you don’t use or have too much of…?

Each pack contains 7 feminized seeds and they have been tested and proven!

They retail for $50/pack, you tell me what you want and what you have!

Let’s talk it out…



I need one of these black plastic handles, please reply if you got one…

As you can see it came broken, so if you got one that you’re not using, please help.

I will send feminized seeds your way once i get it.

Thanks to all.


Hey guys i was mistakenly sent a 2" sintered disc from BVV.

I already bought the replacement but would like to get my money back on this one.

I am giving it out for $50 shipped. PayPal Friends/Family if you believe you can trust me or Goods/Services but please add an extra 6.5% fee to Costa Rica.

I will include a pack of 7 feminized seeds totally FREE for the purchase, a $50 value.

Any takers?


(If needed, moderators please delete this one, thanks.)

Hello everyone,

I got a few orders from peeps here at F4200 that will be going out Monday Jan 4th, since the PO is closed for the holidays down here in Costa Rica.

SPECIAL OFFER FUTURE4200! (Good till Jan 2nd)

5 packs of 7 Fem Seeds for $150 shipped to the US.

#MacFlurry - Slurricane x MAC1 **
#FruitFrappe - Watermelon Zkittlez x MAC1
#GarlicVanille - GMO x MAC1
#McNew - The New x MAC1
#Bodyguard - Sundae Driver x MAC1

Clone only crosses were achieved by making S1s.

** In-House Genetics stole the cross and name from me, not the other way around, they have been known to do this and did it because they have the money and client base to claim it theirs and get away with it, like they did with Slurricane and Archive Seeds as well. Since I am not legal I cannot register my stuff and they know it.

Just send PayPal for $150 to: and claim your offer!



Only today.

All 5 packs of seeds go for $100.

Going to the PO tomorrow.


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Let’s make it a GLG thing… Even tho i am only a prospect!

Thanks guys!


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Just send PayPal to

And put in your username from F4200.

That’s it! Easy right?



Hello guys and girls!

Still got that promo going on and you will also get a free pack of Ninja Fruit F3.

Just send $100 PayPal to

Make sure to include your username from F4200 and voila!



Just in case you were hesitant about acquiring my gear, this is part of my work from 3 years ago.

I’ve come a long way since then.

Just send me a message and I’ll hook you up…


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I second this post, his genetics speak for themselves. I’ve personally done business with this gentleman, on multiply occasions. Products come as advertised with a little surprise in every order.

He accepts PayPal, so that’s super helpful.

Stay up,


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Thanks for the support brother!



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your logo reminds me of this=


If you buy seeds from this guy use paypal goods and services so you can dispute when you don’t have them 6 weeks later!

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Well ladies and gents, i will not be taking orders thru Goods and Services anymore given that a filthy thief fromt he community has filed a claim after he was given tracking number and it shows on the internet as “In transit” so he clearly intends on stealing the goods and get a refund at the same time.

Will not be publishing his name cos’ i don’t know how the rules here are about this kinda of thing. Package was SENT and buyer filed a claim thru Paypal.


PS, i do not work for the PO people, if they run into delays, what am i to do, snap my fingers and make the package appear?

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@MadscientistGrower I know it’s hard to stomach but it’s prob better if you try and smooth your issue out with the customer so they don’t do a charge back or post bad reviews. It doesn’t cost you much in raw material to send him a extra pack or 2 to show that even though it’s not your fault your a stand up company. And yes I know people will lie and say stuff just to get free seeds. think of your reputation your building. The other reason you don’t want any extra attention on PayPal is because they’re quick to freeze and close your account and funds that are MJ related. So no attention is better than having someone dispute a charge and tell them it’s for seeds. You might loose more than just a customer but possibly your payment processor.

Maybe hit up dude and tell him you got him. If you see that your tracking says both packages land and he still does charge back then backlist him for purchasing again. at-least then you know and have proof you did right by the customer.

As far a not taking PayPal for good and services that could scare away potential customers as they loose protection.


Where are you ordering from?

I’m in Oklahoma.

Our usps system has been lagging, Also our customs have been arguably messed up for quite some time.

Have you been provided tracking?

I’ve made orders to this guy, from him as well.

A few others have bought and sold him items as well.

Post proof or don’t don’t tar and feather him, especially an online forum.

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Tracking was provided and I sent freebies, customer claims he wants a refund not the seeds.

His intentions are clear, keeping thre seeds and getting the money. I provided PayPal with all documentation, they are reviewing info now.

The customer didn’t even reach out to me first, we both are on this forum as members, all I got was the email from PayPal when this coward filed.

Karma will get you boy…

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You’re right in every aspect of the game, will be doing a website so people can buy directly from the page and it counts as donations so no charge back, i have bought and sold here for a little while and this is to be expected.

I think he knows about the paypal processor issue and intends to bank on it, but i have several Paypal accounts i can use so nothing happens there.

This coward asked before sending the payment what would happen if he didn’t get the seeds and i know now this was premeditated.

Thanks for taking the time to write to me bro, i appreciate it very much.

I would have done everything you said if this was a mistake but it clearly isn’t.


I am currently producing seeds for wholesale to Austria, Chile and Mexico, maybe the USA will fal into place too. I am only selling seeds pack per pack to buy some of my hobbies gear, but i don’t do this for a living, and soon the contracts willo have me so busy i couldn’t even sell on forums or Instagram even if i wanted to…

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I was trying to be civil, but this adopted red head started insulting me…

@montess I will expose you. You’ll see.



And I didn’t only call you a thief, I said filthy thief, and also a coward. If i had you in front of me I’d break you in half like a toothpick.

If paypal refunds you you can use the $100 to get a bus ticket and look for your real parents… LOL

You sissy little adopted readhead!

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Not for nothing, and unrelated to the issue at hand; my boy ThaWeedGuy over on OG ordered a pack off you madscientist, gave you the name and shipping info, and you wrote “ThaWeedGuy” on the face of an international package. His mailman delivered it with a smirk on his face, like “what’s in the box?”

I’ve no opinion either way on this dudes claim, and I hope you the best of luck in the future, but this is a customer service business. What’s the saying, one happy customer tells one of their friends but one unhappy customer tells ten?
I would have just ate the loss and sent the dude a second pack. Who cares if he was ripping you off, just don’t do business with him again. It’s not worth the hassle.