M & W chillers

I have the opportunity to pick up one of these M & W chillers for pretty cheap, but I only really want it if I could power 2 x 5L roto’s. Accross Int. seems to recommend 10L chillers for 5L roto’s, and this once is 19L, so I’m thinking it may possibly work.

I ask for 2 reasons:

  1. Everyone seems to use PolyScience and I’ve actually never heard of M & W.
  2. I actually can’t find much about them on the Googles, other than people selling them.

Anyone know anything about these or where I could research it a bit more?

I see .5hp compressor and 13a at 110v I don’t see this being capable of cooling 2x 5l rotos which are probably 2 to 3kw heating each

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The re501 is 2kw heaters. 6800btu each.

I wouldn’t get a chiller with less than 5kw of cooling power to cool down 2x 5l @ 2kw each. A 110v 13 amp draw cooler won’t cut it bro


I run rotos at 40C and not 99C which is what probably takes the 2300W.

Well, I picked up one of these, looks legit. That will at least run 1 of them. Thanks for the help