LPT for those of you with cheap POS Chinese rotovaps

Ideally before, or when (not if) you break the cheap ass plastic spanner wrenches they give you to tighten the nut on your evaporation flask, get yourself a proper strap wrench. Some places call them flywheel wrenches since they’re often used to grip the flywheel so you can disassemble small engines from the likes of B&S or Honda.

Home Depot sells this one from Klein, which I’ve used and is descent: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-1-1-8-in-to-8-in-Grip-It-Strap-Wrench-with-18-in-Handle-S-18H/100647986

I have an older one from Husky that has a cloth (guessing nylon?) strap that I like better than the Klein, from experience you don’t want to use the ones with rubber-only straps from Harbor Freight or other discount tool vendors as they don’t last long because the rubber stretches and then tears, preventing you from putting the intended amount of torque on the item you are attempting to tighten.