Low THC results, a result from too much heat?

Good afternoon, first post! i have a troubleshooting problem i’m looking for input. We are running a ethanol centrifuge extractor, we extract 20 gallons of ethanol extract at a time, then we have a 2L Rotovap/-40 chiller that we spend the next 16hrs in there, the water bath temp is at 80C the whole time, we empty the flask every 8hrs or so, finally we run it thru the SPD for no more than 4 hours. The problem is we are receiving low Thc test results. We are seeing 2-4% CBN which is a result of THC degredation via too much heat. My theory is it’s spending too much time in the Roto, and/or it’s too hot. I’ve read several forums that state their water bath is set at 60C. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!

Do you mind sharing a test?

Have you used a lab that can test for d8 and d10?

Any CBC?

Maybe there are other factors at play

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  1. Was the first/initial test, the lab director said that there was a “large unknown peak” that he believed to be d-10 since there was a total of 41mg worth of cannabinoids. No labs that I’ve visited with in OK have d-10 capabilities, just best guesses.

  2. The second run was a 8lb sample run with less time on the roto (still at 80C though) and the only other thing different is we did NOT use and activated charcoal, or cleansing clay in the spd. The second result had little to no CBN but THC was still lower than expected?

Could be two different testing companies and two different test methods.


@Defender tested at the same facility, then a double check at a different facility, just to make sure. They both use HPLC testing methods and same agilent 100 machines

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What is the material you’re running? Is it outdoor? Has it been treated with any pesticides (or anything at all)?

Are you using any adsorbents?


I see now you used adsorbents IN the flask? That will cause isomerization. The second result you posted shows that the adsorbents in your flask caused conversion.

Is this first pass?

I don’t know why you’re cranking your roto to 80c. 50-60 seems better. What heat transfer liquid are you using in your bath?

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The second result was indoor vs outdoor on the first. The second test was 1st pass with no charcoal or clay. The first test was with 2nd pass and passed thru chromo column as well

Was there media in the flask for test #1?


@midsfactory In the spd flask, yes charcoal

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So it looks like you figure it out. Don’t put charcoal in your flask :slight_smile:


Ac steals thc.


Your awesome @midsfactory ! To answer your question from above on roto bath, we use distilled water in the roto vape, is there a better liquid?

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Silicone oil if your gonna go that hot you, might as well decarb as well

Second test result looks fine, a 78% THC result is in the normal range for a THC distillate.

30% in my opinion is a waste of time and money. If anything use the outdoor for edibles n shit. You throw 30% carts out there the competition blows you out the water. What’s the price on a 1 ml 30% cart just curious?? Gotta be like 7 bucks. Indoor trim run shit ranges from low 80s to mid 90s and I wholesale at 17 a piece. I think I must have read that wrong… if you rip pens you will notice. After 1 rip if you ain’t blitzed there mids. Every year I see it after harvest… you may sell liters of 30% but somewhere down the line some greedy bastard will call it high grade mid 80s. I love watching them drown and give em away. Take that outdoor and take it to the south East make 10 times more. You couldn’t pay me enough to individually syringe 30% juice into carts.

@BeeElevated The 78% is not to low
But probably. An effect of your crude sop as well
As stated by many no need for powders in flask when spd ing
What is your extraction temp in the fuge
If lower than -80 C. What s the contact time ?
Fat s and waxes would-be my first suspicion
Cbn is possible deu to high temp solvent recovery but also deu to low cfm pump on spd unit or not so low vacuum spd ing
A warm carbon scrub is good but take it out before the spd
Do you have vacuum on the roto ?

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Why the chromo column ?
What media in the column ?

Extraction temp -60 and contact time about 3 minutes, watervac on roto,
dia Earth and charcoal in chromo column

I’m thinking you also posted in the wrong thread?

OP has distillate at 74% and 78% THC and wants to know why.

aint nobody here suggesting slinging 30% carts but you…

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3min? that’s short by most standards.
flood & agitate?
have you checked to see how much you’re leaving behind?

do you have a vac gauge and thermoprobe on your SPD?
I’ve seen folks teaching SPD without either… and then seen their disciples bump the crude through the head and call it distillate. slow down. take more cuts. get them tested.