Low Testing Hemp Biomass Wanted

I am in the market to purchase low testing CBD Hemp Biomass. I have been purchasing over 50,000 pounds per month and have outgrown our current supplier and are needing an additional 50,000 pounds per month.

I am looking to fill a contract agreement but will also spot buy if the opportunity presents itself.

Must be below 5% CBD
Can be available in any form other than bailed
Can pick up in any state
Min order must exceed 10,000 pounds
COA and sample mandatory
No brokers

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206 304 8860 contact me and we can discuss your needs farm Direct

I have 30k of milled Biomass available for you now.can sell at $4 a pound…i have few COA’s available…call for info and to make arrangements. Thanks. T.N.T CBD #541-340-4273

We have 84 million lbs available. Contact me at davidfarrell957@gmail.com so I can connect you to our VP of Development.

Email tmurphy300@gmail.com

I grew 40,000lbs in north VT.

On stocks still hanging and dry, I can throw in a wood chipper to hit your 5%.

We have some biomass that tested 7% not much but around 1000 pounds. Interested?
Joe Evans