Low temps equal high purity

This is the final pass from a series of disasters lolz that I cleaned up from black burnt transmission smell. Shown is my brand new sublimator replacing my blown up old sublimator lolz. The new unit is a slightly different design and accommodates a larger spin bar (bonus!!!). The spin bar came with a center dimple around the middle which had to be sanded smooth. Those bars have square edges a bit so the entire stir bar was hand sanded to a true cylinder and now it works in an extremely efficient manner.

Check out the temperatures and pressure. Pressure reads ¾ of one micron. Red LED temp reads mantle temperature and the sensor is under the glass and between the heating mantle. It reads 126.1C. I could set it even lower and it would still run. The reading on the yellow portable thermocouple meter reads about 94C. That sensor is placed between the side of the glass and the heating mantle. The oil would be very close to the lower temp sensor reading. This give you an idea of the temps and pressures used when I run the final pass. Contrast those temps and pressure shown with boiling point charts for THC. This is extremely deep vacuum. There are typically 760,000 microns of room pressure normally. This is vacuumed down to ¾ of one micron. Virtually zero pressure.

More than anything else what makes this process produce pure D9 THC is the lowest possible temp. The improved efficiency of the stir bar in both width and now smooth spinning operation coupled with a slow speed stir bar mechanism is paying off. This part of cleaning stuff up is my second favorite part of the hobby. My favorite part will come when I crack that puppy open and dab pure med straight off the cold finger.

I can’t quite make a boat out of the exhaled vapor but if Gandalf we’re here…