Lots of equipment for sale

Hello, first post here. I have some lab equipment I would like to get rid of, as Iā€™m currently working on downsizing. As of right now this is the list:

  • R600 cmep, 3rd generation
  • 24" bhogart fan
  • Outdoor water heaters
  • High tech shredder (3lbs and 5lbs ones)
  • Chillers
  • Reactors (new and used)
  • Generators

Located in NorCal, shoot me a message if you have any questions. I will update this list as I make inventory. Thanks for reading.

thats one of the explosion proof fans? how much are you look to get for it?

Yep, its one of these ones, Iā€™m looking to get $450obo for it


What size reactors do you have?

80 and 85

any 6x48 columns?

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  • Rheem Outdoor Performance + water heater (3qty)

  • Honda FE EU7000IS generator

  • Bhogart Air Vent Fan 24ā€

  • Max Air Pro 24" Fan (brand new)

  • Trim-Pal High Tech Shredders (3lbs and 5lbs)

  • CMEP recovery pump (3rd gen)

  • 6ā€ to 2ā€ reducers x 3

  • Gaskets x 14

  • Heat exchangers x 3

  • 3ft by 14ā€ pots x 2

  • Chiller MOKON

  • 2 new pots (16ā€)

  • 1ft by 14ā€ pot used

  • 2ft by 14ā€ pot used

  • Small reactor 4.5ft long

  • 2 x recovery tanks

  • 3ft x 6.5ā€ tubes (15qty.)

  • 4ft x 6.5ā€ tubes (20qty.)

  • 5ft x 6.5ā€ tubes (24qty.)

  • 58 individual clamps, 28 sets of clamps

Bolts and nut assemblies (new)

  • 3ā€ short thread (10)

  • 3.5ā€ short thread (40)

  • 3.5ā€ long thread (136)

  • One sided clamps and tube ends (8 each)

  • 2 Freezers

  • Lots of rubber hosing, dials, ball valves (brand new)

Hiw mich for cmep, and chiller how big

https://kdlabequipment.com all model equipment

What kind of chillers you have and how much for the CMEP

818-371-3400. Text me

Willing to ship if things are still available?

This is our website, you can view a variety of models on the website:
Rotary evaporator: https://kdlabequipment.com/rotary-evaporator/
Glass reactor: https://kdlabequipment.com/glass-reactor/

SPD: https://kdlabequipment.com/short-path-distillation/
Chiller: https://kdlabequipment.com/low-temperature-coolant-circulation-pump/
Closed-loop extraction machine: https://kdlabequipment.com/closed-loop-extractor/
Centrifuge: https://kdlabequipment.com/centrifuge/
You can tell me the equipment you need and your location by DM email. We will reply whether you can ship and the specific equipment price according to the specific situation. inquiry@zzkdinstruments.com

Hi, Iā€™m interested in your High Tech shredders, ideally the 3lb, let me know if still available, thanks.

Good Morning, Iā€™m interested in your Hi Tech shredders, let me know your price. I can be reached at marlin@canngroupcorp.com