Lost power mid run

My power went out this evening during my run. I was still I the heads fraction hadn’t hit the main body yet. Will it be ok to sit overnight and just crank it back up in the morning??

Yes make sure you don’t have any leaks before you leave

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Awesome thank you!

i would shut it down and release vacuum then start it back up tomorrow. sounds like you’re doing a 1st pass so you’ll be fine. a 2nd pass exposes it to a lot more heat so it shouldn’t affect it


concur. shit, I don’t even fret anymore about completing a run. Unless its a critical run (d8, cbn) at 5pm it all gets shut down and run the next day. We’re done fretting over 16 to 24 hour long SPD runs. Only effect we’ve seen is maybe color and since we are in the cbd realm its probably going to isolate or d8 or cbn anyway.

The ultimate leak test right here lol.


Also would like to point out in case this info helps someone in the future, I would suggest releasing vac when leaving unattended unless you really trust your pump. If the seals aren’t great you can get vac oil pulled into your setup. Hopfully this would just be a cold trap, but still not fun to discover the hard way


Yea sure way to suck oil into your system