Looks like gold.. is it?


Conducted a warm ethanol wash on 2x 22 grams tests.

. Filtered it through coffee filter so no plant mass was in extract.

We put it in chest freezer(-10c) for 2 days and got this

we did not purge to 10:1 and used about 8-9 ml per gram of mass.

Then we course filtered fats and then t-5/carbon filtered to this

What problems do you think I will face if I put these into vape pens? Looks pretty gold to me haha.

I understand I didn’t use 10:1 ratio to precipaltate more fats anddidnt have a cold enough temperature either but damn I’m not mad about how it looks, for what I had with limited supplies for the mean time. Also if I can reach that clarity with a warm temp why even bother with a cryo, dry ice seems like a bitch. Lol thoughts?


BTW the second container that’s been filtered through cake was chilled prior taking picture. Looks exactly the same as first container yellow/clear now just fogged up when I took it out of freezer

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Nice job.
you don’t need a rotovap to finish this.
in fact I’d posit that you probably don’t have enough to get back out of a rotovap.

with that volume, I’d pour it into a pie plate and evap with a fan…

Will it work in pens? If decarbed or diluted appropriately.
Will it look good in pens? Little early to say. it’s very dilute right now and you’ve still got to decarb it. IMO taste is more important than color, but I’m in the minority on that one. The customer may not always be right, but ignoring their preferences doesn’t work either :wink:

probably not relevant in your case…because businesses are run on margins.

if I can skip winterization and the pass over magic dirt (a consumable) , I don’t have to pay somebody to do it, pay for the dirt, or pay to throw the used dirt out.

does that savings in time and labor make up for the cost of chilling my solvent?

Legitimate question, and probably one everybody needs to examine for themselves…


Did you filter using ethanol?

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Lookin’ good @Rcalhoun92! Nice to see you taking the first steps and moving forward with everything! A few questions: 1. Has the product been decarbed? 2. How does it smell? (And do you care, as it seems likely you are going to be adding terps?)

If the product has not been decarbed, that is something that should be done prior to getting it into a pen, lest you want unconsumable diamonds in there (which I don’t suggest). Dewaxing and degumming makes for a better pen product, and I have no idea if you removed enough of them at that higher freezer temp after a warm ethanol extraction.

I agree with everything that @cyclopath says. Taste can supercede color. I care, personally, more about what a pen tastes like over how it looks (although I do really like it when it looks pretty and tastes good too!) I would avoid the roto, as you will lose more to transfer loss than it looks like you can afford to with that small extraction.

As for the “why do it cold” question, I agree that it is a decision to be critically examined by the company doing the work and paying for said labor and consumables, but my personal opinion is that the better job of extracting one does, the less work and cost for a higher quality product is needed. If doing the extraction at cryo temps makes it so one has less to do to make the best product, seems to be a logical course of action. If you have any desire to preserve terpenes in your extraction, cryo is the only way to go. If not, keeping the ethanol warm will save you some time in removing the terps down the line in your processes, but it will make you work harder to remove all of the other undesirables. Filtration can be a rather troublesome bottleneck…

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Cryo isn’t everything: it just really helps if you don’t get the solvent off the biomass in a reasonable timeframe. you could presumably have done a 60-90 second extraction at -10C and gotten that color in one filtration step. especially if you’d gotten the material BONE dry first (assumes terp loss). how exactly one skins this cat isn’t as important as how efficiently you can perform the trick at your chosen scale.

At that scale, a centrifuge such as this one would do a great job at pelleting the solids so you could simply decant your tincture.

Edit: really posted this one for @doc_simple.

Not a centrifuge in a spaceship, but I call my Leaf Serenity, and that’s a $100 Servall (that will do 15,000rpm). The label puts in the 1960’s I believe.


Who the hell drives around with a centrifuge in a Leaf…lmfao…


I had to get it up to Portland from Eugene for visual aide for the Dept of Facilitation.

At 170lb, it made more sense than driving my F250 with liftgate :wink:

I was going to leave it up in Portland…but decided careful dissection whilst waiting on the new rotor might be more fun. I am certain Ivan knew things about centrifuges 60 years ago that I don’t know yet.

Chances are if I dissect it after the stupid rotor, it will be an autopsy :crazy_face:


Is that what the chocolate and instant coffee were for lol?


yep, if you can’t get the problem solved by plying someone with coffee/chocolate/cannabis/beer then y’alls gonna have to earn some money before you can get shit done :wink:

you don’t show up at your buddies house asking dumb questions without supplies…


Just show up with Hookers and Blow!!!


That warm fuzzy feeling when cyclopath dosent dismantle your extraction soul :wink:

I appreciate the advice just got home from work sorry for the late response. Currently faning out the ethanol now… seems to be working fairly fast. As for the cake, are you saying i could basically just forget about the winterization completely with the consumables?
Also from my understanding less ethanol, better winterizing. So with a cake is a 10:1 completely useless?

Thanks, Hopefully the ACE-30 will be ours soon… we are conducting these experiments for our business plan. Elaborating why cryo is the better option. i was pretty surprised on the warm ethanol extraction results, but we are still in gear with eliminating that step completely.

  1. Has the product been decarbed? Not yet
  2. How does it smell? More ethanol then thc, very small hint of thc.

Did you filter using ethanol? yes


In some ways, you absolutely can use filtration to remove most everything, but in taking out the undesirables, you may also remove some of your cannabinoids. It’s a fine line. I also know that undesirables can pass through a 0.2um filter and only decide to precipitate from the solution somewhere else down the line. I know that too thick of an AC puck will remove cannabinoids as well as the chlorophyll and even terpenes. Lipids don’t typically filter out well unless in cold ethanol.

How long your filtration at scale takes will depend on what solution you choose and how good you get at it.

The only way to really avoid winterization, imho, is to make sure your extraction stays at cryo temps and keep the residence time to a minimum. Once you remove the ethanol and decarb, you will know about how much diluent you’ll need for carts. What diluent you use is a whole other story…


@ work but wanted to update extract.

Whered the gold goo?? :joy::joy: Still looks better then I expected.


When filtering now dissolved in a hydrocarbon one can get to gold😀


Just conducted our -40c test… obviously we couldn’t keep it completely stable but it seem to top at -60 and never dropped below -40. I have stainless steel buckets but are pretty thin… is thicker the better option because I had quite a bit of dry ice and it never went -60+ here’s the pic
We did a 5 min and 20 min wash(our tests are for winterization and how much fats/lipids are getting removed and yield total)

Here’s the 20 min wash

BTW my filter looked like a brown sugar cake (yay)

Shout outs to rogue, cyclopath for just being so open to conversation about topics and responding, and the biggest shout out too Akoyeh for helping us with a lot getting us moved along with the process! This forum is amazing and hope great things happen to the people that are so involved with it.

(I’m sure I’m missed alot of people that have helped sorry but thank you too)


Insulate your buckets !


Damn the quest for clear/gold is coming! I can feel it… -80 test to tomorrow. Will update purged extract color when I get the chance


at this scale, ice-cream maker buckets from St Vinnies are awesome.

they handle -80C without complaint & fit a 1/2gal bottle of ever-clear nicely too.

like a freezer away from your freezer :wink:


Where is St Vinnies? All I can find is

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