Looks like CCELL is launching full ceramic cartridges

Do the ceramics have larger headspace than the metal carts ? Or did you just overfill the metal one ?

A million units

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I probably just overfilled the stainless one haha. But I wouldn’t doubt that snapfits need more headspace.

How do these compare to avd ceramics?


Better but only on vaping experience. The ccell wickless coil patent

The ccell kera are wickless? I had no idea, I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere

Full ceramic carts aren’t something magic anymore really. I feel like the trend is like a cycle somehow all the time. In the past, the first couples of options for carts hardware are full glass, full ceramic those kinds of selections. And because of the feedback from market, full glass was muted for a while. Then I see it starts picking up again. But it’s great to know what’s new about competitors and what’s new on the market. Thanks for sharing.

Ericc here w/ Hamilton Devices, a CCELL distributor. Sorry I’m late to the party; You were right in that TH2 did have a stainless steel post; the TH2SE did not. They have the same design but different materials in for the post.

if there’s any lingering Q’s or concerns I’d be happy to help out!



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