Looking to purchase bulk crude winterized hemp oil

i am looking for around 10 kilos of hemp extract (crude winterized) made from the same genetics (not a mix of cultivars). could be cbg dominant as well
I would want to be able to recreate the oil (or close-as-possible) next grow cycle - hence specific the request

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We can help you out. 9206601976

We can also assist in both CBD and CBG! Give us a shout at 541-879-3300 or email!

Hey there! I work for an extraction company - Viobin. We are GMP certified and FDA registered. We process up to 30k pounds of biomass per day. Please contact me at grant.savage@phmbrands.com for your crude needs!

Still looking? I have crude winterized CBG for sale. Also have CBG biomass. Need to move – willing to negotiate price. Oil was processed in CO. All was single source, grown in Vermont.

Email is best - woodsmarketcbg@gmail.com