Looking to purchase 1k pounds of smokeable hemp

Looking for total t compliant. 1000k pound spot buy. I can come to you- ideally Oregon or Colorado. Would consider other places if good quality. Cash in hand looking for quality nose. Doesn’t have to be cleaned up well. Cbd over 8%. Thanks.



What do you hope to pay for this 1,000lbs of smokeable MJ (because that’s really what most all good flower will be)

What are you trying to pay?

Probably expect to pay 200 a pound or under for that size order for all big tops.

Why aren’t you looking for this on kush.com or other hemp exchanges? Mountains of flower for sale on those sites by thirsty sellers…

for $200 I could buy 10lbs…

Can you hook me up. Lmao I’m taking premium hemp all tops no popcorn not biomass…

I have bought off there (kush and raw) and all ways get crap when I do…I sell the kush A1 I have on there and on my website for $275 a pound for singles and they fly off the shelf on the retail side.

I’ve bought several varieties of hemp from local scumbags, who play a dangerous game. I use THC to help control a serious rage problem. CBD is not as effective at subduing the impulse to act out violently against low life profiteering hemp brokers.


Our farm is in MN. I believe I have what you are looking for. T2, all hand selected cured low and slow tops only. Great nose. Not trimmed on the stick.

If you zoom in close it looks like webs all over that flower. What’s that?


Cattail cotton. Here in MN it flys in the fall. I wouldn’t t say it is abundant on the flower and won’t detract or change the quality in my opinion.

I wouldn’t call that smokeable hemp.
But that’s just me.


Do yourself a favor and don’t put that in your photos. That looks like a big ole spot of white mold.

I believe that it’s not, but that’ll stop people in their tracks every time


agreed. The only reason id think it wasn’t mold was the smaller peice off to the side of the flower

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We have 1000 for you here in southern Oregon, ready when you are. You are welcome to come out to the farm and check it out in person. Several options available at a range of prices. Located in Ashland, Medford Int’l airport is 20 minutes away from the farm.

Lmk what is currently available I’m always looking for total thc compliant hemp flowers

Total T over 8% is basically cbg only.


Pics please and Coa