Looking to mimic a flavor

I’ve heard of people mixing isolates and I found a good blend of hemps, but can’t find a quality botanical brand to save my ass. Looking for a very distinct pineapple flavor, this brand choices had a fire pineapple flavor, heard they might have blended it themselves tho. If not a fire ass mango and Apple flavor to mix together.

@GoldCoastTerpenes is my go to for botanicals. Their terps are on point for botanicals

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Isn’t choices one of those bm chinapack brands?
If I’m remembering correctly then I’d assume it’s not anything special from a smaller brand.

Yep, generic China packaging

Pineapple strains are high in terpinolene if that helps OP

One thing to watch out for pineapple (and apple) flavors on commercial food grade flavorings is extremely high levels of ethyl acetate since it will get you flagged for residual solvent. It’s one of the cheapest sweet esters (due to its use as an industrial solvent) and many of the pineapple flavors intended for food/beverage that I’ve seen are quite high in it to keep the costs down.

Cannabis sativa naturally contains a wide range of esters that can produce a natural, cannabis-oriented pineapple flavor. If you are looking to keep it exclusive to cannabis-native ingredients, I’d be happy to work with you there. I do have a couple more typical pineapple flavors that I can show you as well. Just shoot me a PM @ZaintTheSinker and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


At Gold Coast Terpenes each and every product we sell contains no ethal acetate, pesticides, residual solvents or heavy metals. Our products contain no PG, PEG, VG or MCT. Just good ole pure terpenes. COA’s are available on our website. For more information feel free to contact us at 909-248-9391 or info@goldcoastterpenes.com


Yeah, but they got a really verified organization that started it up. Theyre legit, for the distribution part, Can only keep a box branded for so long before other ppl start jumping on it and copying production of it, tho.

hey massterpenes, i got one flavor from you one time and was wondering if you could still produce it, it’s the pineapple variant, i’ve been FEIGNING for it for around a year now and I’d pay top dollar to get more of it, and a lot of it! please let me know, thanks!

Have you considered https://eybna.com/?s=Pineapple

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Interesting, but not at all cheap :sweat_smile:


Not all that fun to work with either, but make for some kick ass candy carts when mixed with high quality distyless

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why is 1ml $200?

Presumably because folks will pay that., and ebyna is in business to make $.

https://eybna.com/product/pineapple-haze/ is closer to $6/ml

what % do you use to get candy like flavor from that one ?

Lisborne Lemon
Tart Apricot
Purple Grape
Tutti Frutti

All at the lower limit of manufacturers suggested ratio (which varies by blend)…documentation required nda.


thank you very much fine sir,
I’ve been touch with them for the past few months and I am just about to start formulating using their terp blends,
all the ones you mentions were on my list to try,
still cant believe their Caribbean pineapple is 750$/10ml,

I recommend starting at the low end of their suggested ratio on ALL flavors. You can always add more…

They taste great when you hit the right ratio, can be overwhelming if dosed too high…and in our experience taste great from 2.0V up through 4.2V, so you don’t have to worry about the customer wrecking their experience by running too hot.