Looking to make RSO

I have a liter of CBD crude oil. Winterized and decarbed. I want to add distillate to the crude to compensate for the low THC in the CBD crude. First of all, is this even doable? Would it be the same as RSO made with high-quality biomass?

Yes; Warm, mix, stir.

Will it be “RSO”?

Not really, some might even call it RSO plus distillate. Not sure why it matters. Then again, we have very little clue what the “magic” in RSO actually is.

If it’s the THC, you’re adding that, so you’ll have some. If it’s the flavonoids (picked up during long soaks??), you’ll have soMe of those too.

Why are you set on calling your concoction RSO? Is there any evidence at all that THC is required? Lots of folks using 20:1 CBD rather than high thc lines these days. Not certain we have any datA on if it matters. Or if the desired effect is THC or even cannabinoid based…


You could market it as a 1:1 cbd:thc RSO, but the cost for just making THC RSO should be less than distillate, and much easier, so why not just do that and mix at a 1:1 to save costs, and not be tricky with wording?

I can attest to the magic of RSO, my mom has been using a THC co2 crude labeled “ RSO” for the last week and it’s already shrinking a skin cancer spot she has. Ethanol crude has worked in the past as well.


Nice man! Is your mom using the RSO topically or ingesting it?

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right now, ingesting it. I’m not totally convinced it’s the THC which gives RSO it’s reputation. I think it’s the everything working together. Using it more for pain control than hoping for a miracle cure.


I won’t have enough d9 distillate to make a 1:1 if I’m going for 100grams of finished product. I can add as much CBD as I wish however. I could get by with 2:1(cbd/thc) probably. I read all this information about CBD mitigating the effects of THC when mixed together in MCT. Now I’ve read also that it adds to or potentates the effects of THC. So what I don’t get, is when people talk of making RSO from quality flower, what is the CBD %. Would the added THC to the CBD crude be negated by the cbd. Typically, RSO will not have 60-70% cbd, right? So is that why RSO does work because it doesn’t have high levels of cbd to alter the affects of thc. I’ve never seen a COA of some traditional RSO.

Topically, works very well rice sized drop under a bandaid, replace daily

i wonder if I could get some thc trim12-15% and make some rso with that…


I think that would be a smart move, and cut it 50% with CBD crude without affecting the quality, but still keeping the higher ticket of a thc product

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Are you saying get the trim, make the RSO, then cut the crude with it? Keeping all things in their natural way. Getting the thc, though not in an artificial way if you will.

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Yes, just adding thc crude to the CBD crude that costs pennies on the dollar at a 1:1 ratio. Would be a huge time and money saver. And the marketability of a 1:1 product is huge too depending on your states rules.


@yorkshire dm me pls

Just getting a liter of thc crude is soo much more difficult than finding cbd crude, which I have. I live in SoCal, where you would think it would not be that difficult to find a liter of thc crude. I don’t have those kind of connections. Even if I could, I don’t think I could afford one anyway. So there has to be a cheaper way. The thc trim is the only other way it looks like.

So do you have everything for the RSO?

no, not the most important part. not enough anyway.