Looking to learn the extraction process

I am wrapping up a Masters degree in chemistry and want to learn the process from plant matter to isolate in the Denver or Colorado Springs area. BHO, scCO2, or EtOH doesn’t matter. I am familiar with the equipment just not at large scale. I understand the theory, I have yet to try the hands on process.

What I can bring to the table: chromatography experience, small scale SPD, distillation, and LLE extractions, synthesis experience, access to an NMR, and other basic chemistry.


come further west…it’s wilder out here :wink:


Hey there, Im around the denver area and do a lot of these operation. Would you like to sit down?


I’d be willing to sit and exchange information. I’m relatively well versed in CO2 extraction and processing. I’m in Denver, shoot me a DM if you’re interested.


Nah that is still pusssy domain

you say that like it’s a bad thing :wink:

There are opportunities all over the planet at this point, but the highest concentration of solid legal options is probably in Southern CA at this point. If the object of the game is max pay-off, or max legal pay-off, then nah, CA is not the place to look.

I believe the OP needs to stay close to “home” at the moment.
…and I don’t have the ability to hire them just yet :wink:

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I was only kidding and Pulling your leg You know i am your Biggest fan :pray:

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what’s the phrase I’m looking for?
oh yeah.

…obvious to those skilled in the art…


it’s mutual buddy!

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You are correct. I will defend my thesis at the end of this month, my teaching obligation ends March 17, and my kid will prob get pulled out of school sometime around then. I am stuck in Denver until then.

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