Looking to hire an experienced extraction tech for hemp ethanol lab in Orlando Florida.

We can assist with relocation, looking for someone that has experience extracting with alcohol, filtration, and distillation.

If you don’t have experience specifically with ethanol please do not reach out, we have plenty of that already available locally.

Looking for someone who can come in and be a shift lead or atleast not need to be trained and can get right to work.

Salary is negotiable based on experience. Full benefits.


Hello if there is presently an abundance of ethanol experience in Florida why reach out to the broader labor market with the potential of having to relocate somebody?

Also are you at liberty to share the pay range?

Also I don’t know what the regulations are like in Florida but in both California and Oregon you kind of have to have some training process to show an auditor that indeed a person is trained and here’s the documentation to prove it. Does Florida not have such requirements?

@terplord420 ?

I think he was saying they only need people with ethanol experience b.c. the locals have plenty of experience in the other areas


OK I got it sorry for the misunderstanding

There’s an abundance of guys who have done extraction but not ethanol. Was what I said unclear?

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I’ve also worked in Oregon and have heard of no such regs? Is that for cannabis maybe ?

We also have training protocol that everyone has to sit through. But the point is this person would not need to be sat with and supervised constantly as they got more experience

Ok got it, thanks for clarifying. Yes the OLCC requires training records be retained for audits. I don’t think ODA has that requirement for hemp handlers (surprisingly), yet

do you have an email address to send resumes?