Looking to buy 200lb extractor closed loop.

I think @troy227 might be a better help as this is beyond my capabilities right now.

Troy, I think works for xtractor depot. Even though you all block me on ig. I still refer you all business. :joy::rofl::joy:


That’s above my pay grade lol.
Personally, I follow your insta :call_me_hand:


I know you do. It’s all good homie. I can’t make something this big. I know you guys can. Maybe you can help this customer!! :facepunch:


I still have my 200 Lb per run extractor for sale 100k


Why on earth are you muffining in a horizontal chamber?

can you email me at graydane52@gmail.com with full details and photo??

yes but dont know how many liters 200lb extractor can produce at one run.

can you email me with full details of closed loop 200lb?

can you please email me at graydane52@gmail.com or text 662-786-0278‬

It s not muffening it s warm extracted and a high evaporation rate
The horizontal tank gives more evaporation surface

It is muffining. With the horizontal chambers you’re supposed to send it over to a secondary honey pot to recover it from.

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Huh ??? Ok what ever suits you

I’ve personally run several horizontal vessels. Have you? You recover it only to a point when it’s still liquid and siphon it over to a secondary collection pot where you finish it fully to collect


okay what quantity of trim can provide 100liters of crude or distillate.?

2000 pounds of 10% trim will give 100 l of. Crude 50 liters of distillate
But treuth is it s always a surprise :grin:


need to know how many quantity of trim can provide 100 liters of crude and distillate.

okay thank you for the head up. 2000pound of trim can produce 100liters of crude and 50liters distillate??? awesome.

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Ive had the same setup and was doing 125# per day by my self, and only using 4 cmepol. Running 4x48 columns with the vapor push i was doing a column every 20-25 mins, with about a 2-3% gas loss for the day. All for crude, hot and fast and only used ice wayer for my heat exchangers

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You dont need rhat big off a horizontal collection pot, having multiple “honey pots” works better. You can also have one dedicated for distilling tour gas while your running. Everything going to a central manifold and the necking down your hoses to help condense and auto refrigerate tour vapor.

We would use a chain hoist to lift up the tank after muffin and zero solvent left. We could then dump out 100 kilos of hot oil no problem.

@gray yes I will text sorry I’ve been out of civilization for a week