Looking for Work (Engineering, Chemistry) SF Bay Area

Good afternoon,

I am currently looking for a new job at the moment. My current job now has been very discriminative towards me, and I am also getting underpaid and is overqualified for the work I’m doing. I work now as an Anaylitical Chemist finding potency for various products, but I want to change directions and move towards CO2 Supercritical Extraction and things in that area.

I have a resume ready to be tuned in ASAP. Please replay if you have any leads. :pray:

Not sure if you are open to any freelancing or PT work in the meantime, but we are looking for some content work. Currently seeking a Lab / Chemistry Technical Writer to make high-quality, user-friendly chemical safety and chemical handling documentation. Any experience in a formulation / extraction lab is ideal.

Topics range from equipment reviews to mixing for formulations. Also open to additional topic suggestions for content pieces you might have in mind.

Will pay per article, with bonuses for including images or video. DM me if you’re interested.