Looking for used Supercritcal CO2 Extractor

Looking for used Supercritical CO2 Extractor .
Best would be a 5-20l system.
Thank you

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This still might be an option

Saw one for sale in a FB group

I was trying to get in contact but no reply

Any link?
Thank you

Sure if I come across it again, however I 'm not doing your work for you. (Not trying to be a dick, just been a long day and I’m not sure I’m ready for FB)

Those groups are a shit show

Oh ,well whatever nevermind

Sorry man if I come across it tomorrow I will post the link for you.

:heart: there’s the happy helper :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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we have an apeks for sale. @gratefulphil

feel free to reach out via email at chempistry@gmail.com


I’m here with good news , lmkk if ya re still lookin’ to buy , gotcha covered :100::v:t2:

This is Sindy from Shanghai Linbel Instrument Co.,Ltd.
We are manufacturer and have specialized in chiller/rotary evaporator/jacketed glass reactor equipment since 1998.
Please contact me for more information,we will introduce the most suitable machine for you.
Sindy Zhang
Tele(wechat): +86 187 2553 6787
Whatsapp : +86 182 6766 6787
E-mail: sindy@linbel.com

I have an old apex for sale 20l. Patrick@xocannabis.net

Not mine but saw this the other day

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we have a used Apeks for sale. It needs a new vacuum gauge on the extraction vessel and hasn’t been used in approx. 12 months, but I’d take 47k OBO. Located in Edmond, OK. Here’s the The-Transformer-and-Bambino-Operation-Manual-08.24.2021.pdf (2.7 MB)
for the instrument, let me know if you’re interested.

ever sell the 20L?

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Have you found a system yet? I have a 5L system designed by Infinity Supercritical from Washington state. I used it for 2 years so it’s not in perfect condition but it’s a workhorse and does the job very well. It could be an affordable option to get you going. Let me know if you want some photos! Thanks Con

system is still for sale! DM if you’d like to speak further–

You find a co2 system yet? Got a 20L apeks I took to cover a debt. Flexible on price

Im sorry y’all this is sold