Looking for used short path setup. Please reach out!

Hello ladies and gents! I’m in need of used lab equipment. I NEED a short path setup. Looking for a good deal in Oregon.

I’m a senior Account Manager for Scientific Solutions. We currently have used one’s in stock. What size are you looking for? Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Brian Gifford

I’ve got everything needed to make a ton of distillate. All the equipment. All summit and ai. Also have 400 pounds of material to run. Asking 50k

Do you consider the new one?
We have 2l to 20l,let me know your email address,i will send you details.

You mean everything to start to finish with 400lbs of biomass for $50k?


I have a 2" pope with 20litre rotovap for sale 15k. Dm me if interested. Thanks

If you still need lab equipment and hemp equipment,like centrifuge,FFE,rotovap,SPD…
pls feel free to contace me.