Looking for Used Closed Loop

Looking for a used CLS, preferably an ETS or bizzybee. If you’ve got used equipment you want to offload, please DM me. We’re ready to purchase.


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Bump—still looking for a setup.

We have no need for a chiller/heater, just want to see what we can get a more condensed rack relative to what I’ve got now.


Hey I have a couple systems based on the Bizzy design. 8-10k range or 25k.


Here’s some pics.

Where are you located.

I have a passive closed loop,like the MK IV set up… Can be turned active with a few added components. Im not where it is right now but can send pics in a few days. Complete with 2 sets of gaskets and a vac pump I’m asking $500 right now

We have a couple Emoteks available in Colorado.

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