Looking for THC Trim or Bud in Socal

Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking for high thc trim or buds near San Fernando Valley in Southern California. We are a small-scale private RSO and infused product producer looking for a new source of quality starting material. Organic preferred.

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200,000# available 13.6%

Thank you, contacted.

Mind sending that trim over to!

Please message me, having trouble messaging you from mobile device

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Still looking folks, haven’t found sufficient quality Indica indoor flower at a decent enough price. Also still looking for high thc popcorn and trim, have only found one good connection for such.

you can call me on the trim 4245215942

Bump, STILL looking.

We found trim almost immediately, but still trying to find flower units!

Ive talked to many people but haven’t found a good price/quality point.

Also please, if someone texts you from (951) 470-4937 offering flower, be weary! We drove 2 hours each way based on pictures/prices they sent us, only to get there and be offered absolute crap and at higher price than quoted. Such a waste of time, we only drove so far in hopes don establishing a long term relationship. If anyone knows a connect for high quality flower, please message me!


I don’t know what town your in but I would be happy to introduce you to 5 very authentic hydro warehouses in the L.A area just cal me at 4245215942

Hit me up if your still looking.

We have it all you need please DM me with contact info thanks

still looking for flower

I can get you what you need! 5034400952


STILL looking for flower :slight_smile:


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ive got some really nice trim for you

I’m looking for the thc trim to make RSO in SoCal. Anything like that available.