Looking for THC-free crystal-resistant distillate

Sourcing in a non-legal state, so THC below 0.3% is needed. Spotted some distillate online recently with 58% CBD, 12% CBC and a few other cannabinoids. Looking to test before starting rapid scaling.

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Hmm as far as crystallization goes in my experience when it is in it non diluted form it wants to crystallize readily. I slow down the process by throwing it in the freezer until i need to use it. Crystallization isn’t really an issue though once you dilute it in either a carrier oil (for tinctures) or some terpenes for vape pens. What is going to be your use for it? One more thing. If your looking for .3 or below but cant find it just ask the seller to dilute it in what ever oil or diluent you would use and that way you can handle it legally. If you want to talk i’ve got some time today.

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Note : Contact Customer service via Tell +90 (536) 501 2157 or email at order@eczanegroup.com if you want more than 5 Kg.

Hey guys I have been looking into this CBd thing for a while now and found a cartridge called Nebula Cure it’s a CBD distillate and terps no other carriers it’s a fractioned distillate that stays stable no freezing or crystallizing. What a difference in the effect.

I have also been looking for a crystal resistant distillate supplier. I have been using a similar formula for our vape cartridges with around 50% CBD content minor cannabinoids and 10%-16% CBC content with great results. If anyone has an oil similar to described please reach out to us at max@bephenomenalcbd.com

Just sent you an email. Just in case you are still looking. I am available most of the time for discussions.

I need some. Up to 10L a month

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I would love to help you out with that. Do you have an email I can forward some information along to? Hope you’re having a good day!