Looking for supply for distro in LA

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I don’t know if your post is permitted, but tell DJ Flip to get Dayytona back in the studio lol

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Can’t distribute hemp products thru 64. Red flag red flag lol

In all seriousness send licensing, ins gh and plenty labs avail. Labs aren’t interested in partnerships either only tolls and selling ya goods

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Not today ,Fed😀


I’d be happy to sell you top shelf hemp flower, not too stoked on the random black market stuff, Tesla flexin on the gram is a bit of a red flag too. Do you have a resale permit? Insurance? Hit my dm famalam

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Any of this available?

Will be available shortly

Lol im not understanding the reference here but Sean Kingston said DC Kim is up next

@ dckims,dear friend,are you intersted in carts,we can provide high quality and good price carts for you.