Looking for suppliers to import CBD products in Europe

We would love to find a good supplier who want to collaborate with our company and able to ship CBD products to EU (not UK). We can start with initial low q.ty test orders.

Looking for: CBD (>99,7%) and CBG isolates, T-free distillate, Broad spectrum extracts thc free, Terpenes and customized cannabinoids products thc free.

We never imported cbd products from USA. Need to start a collaboration with a company that already ship to Europe or able to give us information to import cbd products in Europe.

Thank you to all interested to work with us :grinning:

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Wanna hop on a phone call? We have been experimenting with this recently and would be happy to help!


Hi Nikita,

Have supply here in Europe, including terpenes, 99.99% CBD isolate and distillate.

Feel free to send me a DM. Can ship samples over to you and discuss pricing.

So the EU has some fairly strict import regs for plants and plant products. Someone please correct me if I’m out of date, but the EU has not yet approved any Novel Foods derived from cannabis sativa (i.e. for any of your food, drug, and cosmetic uses).

To help us help you, what products do you seek to import and what are the intended uses?


You are correct. There are no EU Novel Food licensed goods out there yet. There have been several attempts and several failures and there are a few in queue right now, mostly from Eastern European countries.

We have our application in. You’re really at the mercy of regulators of your area.

In regards to the ingredients though, you’re able to import under license depending on the product. We stockpile here in the EU for our own production and for re-distribution throughout the EU.

There is a LOT of demand for suppliers based in the EU since there are seemingly no issues with shipping product once it’s landed on European soil. Ordering from the U.S. = rolling the dice. Ordering from another EU member state = risks removed.

There are some options, I would say it is important for you to find a reliable producer that is willing to work with you and learn the regulations/ logistics to reach the markets in the best manner. Let’s get on a call and I can tell you about it +13055887588

I would also be interested in possible collaboration if a US company will go this route,

If one runs with it and really research all opptunites im sure alot of business will come that firms way.

There is a lot of homework to be done. Apart from the general EU “standardized regulations” each country has its individual regulations which can be very different from the EU standards, there is the novel foods issue and then communication and labeling regulations. Some regulations really don’t make sense at all but it is what it is and the first advise is avoid getting in trouble. Second advice is doing things right so that your shipments don’t get stuck in customs more than necessary.

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yea its not easy to decipher. Here in DK its allowed for buyers to import whatever they want from eu, possible also US. but the sellers, wich there is many of is actually not allowed to sell it at all.

Novel food is ridicoulous, 'n also seen as a medicine now, and in reality All permits should go through the govm pharmcy board

At almost 3x times cheaper, and some products even more, its tempting to buy from US. But i think its a “no” if i research it with customs. Not sure if they confiscate it, or send it back since the sender is a legal business. that would allow one to get money back if agreed upon.