Looking for Summer job as extraction tech

I’m a biochemistry student that will be graduating in 2 years, I understand lab safety and I have performed extraction and crystallization with non-cannabis plants. I’m looking to gain experience over the summer of 2019 with hydrocarbon extraction and/or distillation. If anyone is willing to hire me as an intern or seasonal worker that would be awesome, I’m very hard working and I’d love to learn the processes of cannabis/hemp extraction needed for the industry!



Anywhere, I’m willing to travel for a summer between the school year to gain experience. I don’t go to school in a legalized state.

Im in Sacramento, CA and would love to chat next week. We don’t do hydrocarbon but we do process distillate. Shot me your contact info jasynte@totaleaf.com

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Fort Bragg is a lovely place.
Ethanol facility on board for operations in summer 2019.
PM if interested.