Looking for suggestions on 1ml carts and disposables

New here, I hope I am putting this in the right category. I am looking for a few things and wanted to know if you all had any suggestions. I have seen quite a few posts for suppliers, wanted to know community thoughts.

I need

1ml cartridge+ Disposables

I am also looking for consistent D8/D9CBD gummy suppliers as well.

Thanks everyone


Maybe you are looking for us … We have a wide range of Cartridge & Disposables products. The classic SOLO series disposable and ELEVATE S2 carts have been well received in the market.

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@Ascent is who I usually use
@QBD420 also great choice
@qma @cart.farm Domestic and who I use when I’m in a pinch.
@BulkCarts was domestic but I think he’s shut down ?
Think depending on volume there’s a few more domestics like @DMLiftInc i think. Sorry if I’m mistaken.


I’m sure they make as well;

These guys do a day more than I do in a month or two so they are definitely your people for gummy shit

Good luck


Also there’s someone selling 2,000 carts domestic on the forum for $2k. Might wanna look into
Something like that if you don’t need branding

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Thanks for the shoutout <3


This is great info, I will be contacting those listed.


Just contacts I’ve picked up over time here. I know everyone hates spoons but if I give a good reply because I had very nice people lead me in directions along the way aswell.

Nowadays I use QMA or ascent personally but I still love my vfire shit runs thicccccc


No problem, see you everywhere and you seem like a good dude. I remember when people thought you were scamming or selectively doing it over one old ass order. Unreal.

Seems you’ve done outstanding business and a lot of it . Good on you and keep doing it

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We appreciate so much for your kindness and your trust

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Haha yeah… We didn’t make a refund after 6 months. So we became a “scammer”

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Thanks for the shoutout. I really appreciate it.

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You don’t have to thank me. Just do good business as you do and keep doing it

Thank you guys for helping people start shit that’s helped change their lives


Maybe you can consider our disposable of no central tube and cotton free which works perfect with distillate and live rison/resin is vertifed by many customers, also it is popular at MJBizcon 2022