Looking for spent biomass pick-up

Hello, I hope I am posting in the right channel. We are a hemp extraction facility in Loveland, Colorado and are looking for weekly or bi-weekly spent biomass pick-ups. We produce roughly 5,000 lbs of biomass/week. If anyone is interested, please reach out. Thank you!

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@Future said it on a panel once, and it was true: Monetize the Waste Stream. I’m interested in businesses that find opportunities in these niches. There was a time when BHO itself was the bi-product of a waste product.


Ahh, the days when people would give away their trim because they had no idea what to do with it. The 90’s were great!


Those were the good days, it was a blessing for the farmer’s to have us haul away all that they thought was waste.


@JbowersGES, find a local pig farmer.

I loved being paid to haul away the “garbage”:rofl:

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Yes i as well very much enjoyed offering that service to remove there waste for them for a fee and sometimes free.

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