Looking for some used ovens

Always know there are used oven for sale. If you got anything used at a good price. Hit me up. Looking to save my client some cash. I can always sell him new ones.

Let me know

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@Jeremythefarmer are you still sitting on those ovens?

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I’ll give ya the F4200 deal :eyes:


what are you looking to spend and where?

I’m looking for options and the east coast. Do you have some used ovens for sale?

we are on the west coast, pretty far to ship

what do u have at what price…im pretty good on the logistics side

I have some options for you

Let me know if you’re interested, call/text 425-358-0425 if need be too

We found them from the homies at California extraction supply!

Always good to have long working relationships with other vendors in this industry!