Looking for some advice....extraction jobs

Hey all,
I finished my PhD in toxicology in Canada last year. I’ve decided I want to get involved in the cannabis industry, specifically in the production side, which lead me here. I’ve now done a lot of book learning (thanks to this forum), but no hands on extraction experience; however, I have around 10 years of laboratory experience (from school). I’d like to be prepared for when concentrates become legal here, but where to get experience has become an interesting quandary. I’d love to hear advice- I’ve been applying to the major operations, but feel I should try whatever I can to get involved. I’d love to hear any ideas, or we can just laugh about me staying in school for so long. Hooray for my first post!
Thanks all


There are a few cannabis specific extraction courses you can take here in the US… It may be well worth your time and money to take one and get hands on experience before you apply for a position.

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@hsjip If you do go to the states for a couple courses. Be sure not to let the border know you are going down for those courses.

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I am hiring, pm me

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Also in Canada looking for an extraction specialist, dm me if interested in talking.

Interested what kind of opportunity do you have

Your in canada

Appears so.