Looking for purifying CBD oil

Hello to the extractors / distillers,
I am looking for a person who can dewax and purify a CO2 extract to make it without THC, while keeping the European BIO-CE standards (ECOCERT)


unless you’re planning on shipping it internationally (twice!), I recommend you give us an approximate geo-location.

I’ve also moved this to the classifieds, because I assume you don’t expect this to happen without compensation.


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I am based in France, my extract comes from variety of industrial hemp extract in Germany, and I hope it will be purified closer to me but I am open to all proposals, and thank you for moving post


Sir ,
What quantity is the crude ?
What Thc and Cbd % is the crude
What is the end product You would want
A isolate crystal or something else ?
What rules and regulations do You have for a european other than france to do the job ?

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The crude is 20-40% CBD and 0.5-1.5% THC, I want the dewax as well as make it at 0% THC while preserving maximum mixing and organic certification ECO CERT / EU-AB, the European standards are quite complex, unfeasible here at least because nobody has a license to separate the THC,

Try switzerland