Looking for leaves for cannagars

Not looking for bulk or anything, just a sample quantity so we can start to experiment.

Google or go to a tobacco store.

Are you asking for cannabis fan leafs or tobacco leafs?

Tobacco leafs can be found whole under the name “fronto leaf” which could find you a company that produces them

Cannabis leafs most people just pluck off their own plants as you have to have fresh wide leafs to roll into a cannagar

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Sorry I should have been more clear. We’re looking for cannabis fan leaves.


You want them fresh so the logistics of buying these and keeping fresh is a concern

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Best source will be to grow your own, dude I know who makes cannagars uses the fan leafs from his mother’s as he’s always plucking fan leafs from them. Trying to keep them moist enough to work with would be a logistical nightmare


ah ok, that makes sense as to why I haven’t seen them for sale. Guess I’ll have to find a local grower.

Thats not a logistical nightmare, keep the stem dipped in water, osmotic pressure is your friend.

The opportunist in me says “why not” this is a chance to sell fan leaves, and I think there should be commoditization of what’s generally considered “waste” material.

I’d bet someone would want to figure out how to make that work, not me, but ya know, someone, or the proverbial “they”.


Send them in a book. Use parchment paper. Sucks, cuz it’s a book and shipping sucks. But it could work if you found one that fits flat rate.

Fan leaves, moist paper towel, zip lock , maybe ice pack

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just grow some hemp

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Logistical nightmare was an exaggeration yeah, but the price of shipping fan leafs and having to treat them like clones to stay fresh is going to cost a lot more money and hassle than just growing your own plant or grabbing some from a local grower.


I know a guy growing real dark colored fan leaves that would make for a beautiful cannagar, if I can talk it over maybe I can source something special.

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Exactly this, it wouldn’t be difficult really.

Next up, what to do with everyone’s stalks and stems. :rofl:

im working on an alternative natural leaf wrapper that is closest thing to a tobacco leaf


Hemp-backo tm

I used to roll blunts with corn husk wrappers. It’s fantastic!


I tried rolling out of a sheet of seaweed paper from Japanese takeout and that shit is NOT advisable…


Bro, I saw one(cannagar) that was rolled in rose petals! Fuckin awesome

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How did those rose petals smoke?:face_vomiting: