Looking for lead ethanol extractor in SoCal, legal manufacturing

Hi all.
I’m building out a site for some trusted partners, and am searching for qualified ethanol extraction techs. We have many positions open to fill.

Would prefer to have resume’s sent, or at least some references that can confirm your experience.

This is a large scale processing facility, we are planning to use over 2,000lbs of biomass daily.

Compensation will be based on experience, and your involvement you take within the firm.

Growth into larger employed positions is an opportunity.

I have been screwed over many times with many business deals in this industry. The group I am a partner within, is one I trust. I am personally able to vouch for the integrity of others within management. We are a good group of investors/scientists/R&D specialists looking to get into bulk production, by the end of 2018.

I have designed a large processing facility, around mostly high grade Pinnacle Stainless equipment. All systems will be routed inline, and thus your position would mainly entail smooth operational training/management of a crew and any troubleshooting of extraction equipment issues that may present themself.

I need someone with experience in operating large scale ethanol extractors. Loading extractor bags, hoisting them into the extractor, and managing the unloading/centrifuge process.

I am personally a self trained analytical organic chemist, with a few years of related college education to back me. I will personally not be operating the extractors/equipment daily, but have the expertise to help troubleshoot alongside our lead extractor/operator.

I will be at the San Jose expo Thursday and Friday chatting with some of our equipment suppliers, and searching for a lead operator.

I prefer to have a resume, and or some references sent to me to confirm your experience, and somewhat form an ‘application’ for the job, in a sense.
You must be able to pass a livescan background check, and not have any felonies or be on parole.
We prefer a 100% clean background check.

Looking forward to looking at your applications/resume’s!


I helped design and managed the construction for a 800lb/day custom closed loop ethanol extraction system in SoCal. Fully passed local fire authority and was probably one of the earliest licensed operations of it’s scale. If my consultation services could be of any help shoot me a DM! I’m a little overqualified for the technician position I think :wink:


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