Looking for Job in santa rosa

I just moved to santa rosa from redding and really want to get back in a lab. I have 3 years experience with hydrocarbon extraction also post process cleaning with ethanol. I have multiple pictures to show my work. I mainly produced stable shatter consistently. I built the lab from ground up and designed the cls from xtractor depot. I also have a degree in process technology with OSHA 30 certifications. I will provide my resume if asked. I can not say I know everything about this field but it comes easy to me as my degree is directly related. I appreciate your time and i hope to hear from you.

Thank you

Do u want to work with distillation and post processing of CO2 and Ethanol Extractions?
I’ve got a lead for u, if u do :wink:
It’s on the books though, permitted lab


If I hear anything I will.let you know.


Hey Thetetraguy Im very interested. Should i send my resume to you or could i get the employers info and ill send it to them? The only thing with a permitted lab do I need a CA license to be able to work in one? I currently have a louisiana drivers license.

Thank you BG305. I appreciate it.

I dont think so, I’ll send u over the info soon, I’m going to be stepping in for a day or two every week to help them, get everything running smooth but they need someone who is available full time, with my lab, grow, breeding and caretaking for my uncle, I’m booked, but having another person from f4200 with the same access to knowledge and dedication, is exactly what they are looking for

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@Thetetraguy That sounds great. This website has help me tremendously on resolving issues. Its definitely my go to for problem solving. I will be available full time and if orders get backed up im a team player and will work until they are finished. I also have extensive knowledge in growing. Ive designed a light depo tent and built/ran 2 different indoor operations including taking care of a mother/baby room. I have exact feeding schedules i put together through trial and error. The issue ive been having is working for the right people. Thats been a nightmare and instead of using my typical pipeline recommendations im trying to this out instead.

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They are strictly lab work, they have a CO2 machine, KDL6, FFE, etc
They are very nice people, I sent u the info, good luck!

Thank you bro