Looking for in person CBD->D9 instruction. Willing to travel

To be honest, as soon as I add heat to it - be it under a huge vacuum, or without - I straight away get a tonn of shit on my HPLC. Unknown peaks, multiple unknowns scare the hell out of me.

A run or 2 through a silica gel/AC column on the other hand allows for 99% of the unknowns to fade away. And I really doubt the AlCl3 is there since I did send my best stuff in to a friend with a MS coupled CC.

But any advice on column stationary phase selection would be nice, since I am still experimenting with its contents.

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How did you test for those?

Yo my friend are a beast
Your honesty elevates you above and beyond
So how do you know
Some products offer are Burgundy red
And often not clear see treu when cool
When heated they clear up but still red
Often sold in aluminium bottles to disguise there flaws

When these are heated for a few hours the at 65C they clear up and the powder will settle at the botom

Some are of good color yet powder settles at the botom

Some have good color no powders
Yet when I redistill on a small rig
The numbers go haywire
Wich is not supposed to happen




Have you tried to distill after you column work up?

His results on filtration beg for a RO
Pass of the solution
Might be the answer for a good cleanup
This might make sense for developing !!

Youre not gonna clean up alcl3 with a membrane

Ion exchange for clean up makes more sense

Yes, both d9 and d8.

D8 I managed waterclear but number of unknowns increased and there was a loss of 5±0.5%
D9 - tried only once, went from 91 to 85 (+5d8)

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I think that what we are fighting in the cleanup is formation of chlorinated/aluminium tetrahydrocanabinol complexes
Chlorinated thc s Wich differ substantially in size reason for RO
It s possible to cut them loose but it will take more than ion exchange since
Very high ph are needed
( potassium butoxide) at the same time
When those reagents are needed beter yields can be achieved with diffrent isomerization routes

I realy wished to have solved this isseu


An easy way to tell if this is happening is MS testing, have you gotten any ms testing done on your alcl3 reactions? The added weight of the chlorine atom would be a dead giveaway

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