Looking for in person CBD->D9 instruction. Willing to travel

Yeah absolutely, the lowest d8 I had was 3% when I was above 60% d9.

The conversion starts to ramp up d8 and converts d9 to d8 above the 70% range.


Acids like to do That .even Tiba likes to go to d8 5-15%.

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I’ve never gotten above 5% d8 using triisobutylaluminium

Youre running it too hot or too long if you’re getting that much d8


I think it also depends on what solvent you use and also how much moisture is present in your rxn solution/ gas /glass etc…

But you’re right when properly executed it shouldn’t be higher than 5%D8.

And certainly not for the faint hearted like you said…

Not to mention you’ll need a decent amount of gear to accomplish this at least safely and have successful results.


Have you been running mol sieve in your reaction?

2 ppl I know have been using mol sieve with great results with triisobutylaluminium

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I do not

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40 k seems fair. I’d take him up on it! Best deal around…


I’ve got someone that’ll do it for 6000 if you have all the equipment

The equipment is rather costly though

Double jacketed reactor


The equipment does get very costly…

Although I don’t think this guy has his own lab or else he would be looking for a consult to do some on site training at his facility. Instead he’s looking to travel to someone else’s lab so that you they can him out to do it.

I also don’t think a double jacketed reactor is necessary but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt either. I saw a nice stainless steel double jacketed reactor that I thought I really liked.


Still selling it? I am interested in the 70% method.


89-91% average, but I have in house analytics and @Zzzeko23’s guidance :slight_smile:

Boron or alcl3?


Nice!! full quench before distillation!?

I don’t do distillation at all. 89% is average pre quench, then post quenching and filtering 94% i get roughly. Maximum was 97

Ive heard people having problems with it converting further when they heat up to add terps and put in pens.
Why not distill? Wouldnt it make the possibility of by products less?
@Roguelab whats your thoughts?

Althou plenty of people claim a clean distilled end product
And I mean distillation of main body not only separating the heads fraqtion
I have been struggling to achieve that goal at scale with alcl3 or dimethyl alcl3 as reagent
So much so that I have given up for the moment to get this right
It almost comon practice nowadays in Europe and even in the USA to sell undistilled isomerized high D9 oil
Countless samples I have received that are still contaminated with reagent or
Aluminiumhydroxide as a result
But it only shows how bad this industry
Has become greed and fraud rule the market lately
I said it before the RC market is wayyy more civilized and transparent
Than the hemp market


I was highly afraid thats whats going on. The reason i dont do conversions any longer and shift has focused to thca. I wont even take on conversion consulting gig because most wont take it serious enough not to poison others


Bro Someday soon will ask for in person market-leading teacher.

Some still are but they are loosing ground to the competition that cut corners
And end up cutting corners as well or calling it a day
Maybe once some serious health isseus surface due to the consumption of these products things change
But I doubt they will since the reagents left have very high bp and are fairly safe to eat so maybe the market will yust accept them for the sake of a cheap price