Looking for high purity CBN, THCV, and CBG + others

Hey everyone,

I am looking for high purity (95%+ target compound) CBN, THCV, CBG, or other non-THC cannabinoids. Primarily I am interested in CBN and THCV at this time. I would like to acquire a 5g sample for validation and testing.

There are lots of people here and on social media who are offering these products but none of them seem to ever come through when I am ready to order. If you really have the stuff please reply here or DM me. Or if any of you can recommend a trusted supplier.

I will be testing anything that I purchase and publicly sharing the results here, so only honest people please. This is for my own company, I am not a broker and I am not interested in kilo sized quantities at this time. After validating the material I will be interested in 100g to one kilo quantities.

Only interested in fellow honest business people who want to build a working relationship. Thank you all!

I’m looking to sell some CBN distillate if you or anyone you know is interested. testing at 70%, next batch should be hitting 80-85%, all clean with COA provided. Let me know if you want to get in the queue, happy to jump on a call.