Looking for high end cbd clones


Any one have any thoughts?


What are you looking for specifically? Where are you located?


Oregon I want dank cbd high end stuff that looks and smells chronic clones that are tested verified and certified please let me kno


Central Coast Calif
Suzy Q 20:1


I currently have cherry and the wife available


@OnMYWay Suzy q is 20% CBd 1% thc is that what you mean do you have paper work and credentials for that? @The_Goods can u give me some details about cherry and the wife I’m looking for verified certified genetics people are geting sued up here for growing bunk Gene’s so very important I source the cream of the crop


you still need this product???


Yes please let me know details


lemme have your contact number so i can give you a call or text,


I’m also interested in this, would prefer to mother out and cut clones from some certified/well known hemp strains instead of taking a chance on seeds.

Looking for Otto, Baox, cherry wine and T1 but open to other good genetics.


SUZY Q is a Cannabis strain. Its a still 20:1 but not a certified hemp strain.