Looking for hemp flower Europe

I’m looking for hemp flower to process it and get CBD.
Maximum limit is 0.2% THC.
Need atleast 10% of CBD on the strain.

Wich country are You located ?


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Licensed extractor ? What quantity ?

We’re looking for arround 50kgs monthly. We’re setting up all the licenses to start to work with the extractions, but we have to find the flower to have it at the same time as the license. This week we’ll receive everything from the lawyers.

Hmmm Ok in switzerland is your best shot to find cbd rich hemp even thou 50kg is little and the prices are high 1100 per kg
Most is sprayed with terps and sold in EU
But i have even seen sales on ebay

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Te lo voy a Mirar loque No de como enviar por que si lo comprendo bien No dejan cruzar Frontera

Sometimes it’s possible with licenses

Yep thats why i asked If You already have iT iT would be easyier
But i Will check Whats possible

Do you still need flower

This fellow means to say hè produces high quality hemp flowers and isollate
Wich hemp strains do You privide ?
Cual Son los nombres de los strains de hemp que tienes?
Que cantidad de cannabinoids tiene el flor i en cual % de los cannabinoids cbda Y thca esta

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There is a vetting process for selling hemp or cbd

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good day Pema. i am in colorado USA and i can ship . we have Harlequin OG which is high in CBD over 10-33%. if interested contact me via text / whatsapp +1 669 209 0815* melanin303@gmail.com

Hi Pema,
If you are still in need of a supplier please feel free to send me a text or call. I would love to make a connection.

It will be difficult to find so high CBD in europe as it is obligatory to cultvate the european catalogue varieties. If you are still looking i can give you some contacts .

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I would be actually interested in some contacts.
Thanks in advance!

I have 500+ lbs of 100% organic flower 400$ lb trimmed with very little sugar leaf.


Have 6 strains available, THC compliant, all CoA’s available. Also have crude, distillate, pre-rolls, moon rocks, whatever you need Trinity Hemp can and will be happy to help you.