Have a couple LOIs and POF I need filled for Hemp biomass, Preferably milled. I will not waste anyones time as I also expect my time to not be wasted. Will not show POF unless POL is shown first. LOI will be shown right away. Let me know what you have readily available.

Text. 207-329-7805.

Contact me work with several farms that can fill your order. Take LOI whenever.

have a few sources in San Diego that have bulk sale contact me or Text me 8184711928 Edens.

I have 400 Lbs. Special Sauce biomass available now. colbyhulme1980@gmail.com. CBD 15%

Got like 6k bio mass left 13%

Thanks everyone but this was already taken care of i just dont know how to delete the thread.

The thread can only be deleted a few hours after making it. @sidco lock this baby down! looks like it’s done!

Thank you sir!!! I will keep that in mind.

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I can help with biomass 9.8% pm me if you still need

Many many MANY years and years and years later…


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Go get em Capt.

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