Looking for Head Extractor

Hey everyone,

I run a European cannabis recruitment company called Blume Jobs, and we are looking for Head extractors.

Our client is a publicly listed Canadian company who is seeking a biochemist to work in Poland to extract CBD from raw hemp.

The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • HighlyExperience in extracting CBD from hemp
  • Experience on how to package in bottles
  • Knowledge on adding to edible consumables such as gummies, or add to cosmetics such as soaps and skin creams – all products to be available for sale via a state-of-the-art website, and possibly also through stores;
  • Knowledge on what equipment to source and know how to set it up and operate;
  • Be based and working in Warsaw, Poland, or possibly in Krakow, Tricity, Wroclaw or Poznan;
  • Speak fluent Polish and have a good command of English.
  • Is willing to relocate to Poland

The Polish company is a start up to be funded by its Canadian parent, so the opportunity is to come in at the ground level, as CTO of the Polish business, reporting to the Polish CEO/Prezes, and drive the business forward.

  • A competitive salary plus, once value has been demonstrated, to have share options.

Salary Offered: €70,000 - €100,000 per year


for all that knowledge you’d better double that number if you want someone worth a darn , especially if they needed to relocate!
remember, this individual is basically going to build your business.


That is close to double when you factor in Poland is cheap af.


The only problem is the person may be supporting their family in another country. Lots of people come to the USA to work and send their money home back to india, mexico, ext.


Sure, but with that logic, everyone in Southern Oregon should be paying at least double to accommodate anyone coming from Zurich, Switzerland, incase they need to send money home to support their family.

100k euro, in a cheap place like Poland, leaves plenty of room to save up and send back home. If home is an economically depressed place like Mexico or India, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Leaving the US to work in Poland, to send money home to the US, while we are have record low unemployment and its a workers market, would probably be a silly proposition


USD/CHF is basically even… and I would bet Zurich is more expensive.

Its kind of funny, in California pay vary s by region. lots of people in the central valley commute to the bay area to work because the wages are much higher there. This due to the inflated cost of living in the bay, and the housing situation up there. It is crazy to think only a few hundred miles the pay and housing situation is very different.I guess it all depends on where the potential person to work at said facility will originate from, the economic bubbles need to align. Do you get lots of Swiss people in Oregon and Washington? The only time I see Europeans around here are in the national parks.

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Lol nah, Zurich is one of the most expensive places on earth, I just used it to make a point.

The farmers in Romania, where we are growing a fuck pile of hemp, are getting paid 5x what they made the last 3 years combined, and stoked. On paper, if you compared it to wages in the US you would think they were getting shafted. But go ask one of them how they feel about the deal. It’s all relative to cost of living


Thank you for your insights!

I would love to know more about what kind of salary you all believe is appropriate for a person with these qualifications. For the purpose of this discussion, lets assume the person will not have to relocate.

As a recruitment consultant my interest lies in getting the best out of it for the candidate. We aim to consult employers on the market and its demands.

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Which of these qualifications are most important?

If only people knew how lucky they are to even have the opportunity to obtain a US Passport…

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But what about the women?


I would say a profit share percentage on top of the salary might help let’s say like 10-20%. This person your looking for has to have so much be fluent in polish set up your whole concentrate buisness sounds like whoever you hire is doing all your work for you.

your going to need a rather unique mix of chemical engineer/ and product formulator with experience isolating cannabinoids. That is hard thing to find in a person, and much less common place than just a extraction artist.This person will make or break your business.

where i come from the only Europeans are trimming in the hills :upside_down_face:

making a nice living wage might I add lol people DO still get 250 a lb and trim 4 a day lol

and finding someone to do this isn’t the problem, finding someone to do this that speaks polish will be the issue.

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Haha that’s what I was I was going to say. You have to factor in that the women are approximately 100% more attractive, lol


yeah, but does a trimmer manage the logistics of en entire lab, build processes, purchase equipment, trouble shoot, and manage analytics, not to mention being up to date with the processes the industry uses and the laws and regulations of the area? This requires a large amount of knowledge and experience.

also if you can earn $1000 per day trimming, what do you think all those responsibilitys are worth running a lab?


Can I make a suggestion? Use a consultant to temporarily relocate and get you up and running and for process development. Interpreters are pretty easy to come by, and there are technically competent people in poland who can learn and run the day to day. Certainly front loading expenses, but it will help save on operating expenses in the long run, which is where it matters. Could even build a training program to ensure a skilled talent pipeline.